I help women learn how to love their bodies as they are so they can feel confident and sexy again (or for the first time)!

You are imperfectly perfect. You are beautiful. All the negative feelings that you have about your body and your appearance come from no fault of your own. Diet culture is rampant in our modern day society and it leads many women (and men!) to believe that they have to be perfect and a size four to be happy.

That is false and it’s time to confront and reject diet culture….once and for all.


Not to bore you, but here’s my quals:

I received my Holistic Wellness Practitioner certificate from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and my Behavior Change Specialist certificate from National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I also struggled for many years with body image issues, dieting yo-yo, and emotional eating. Through the simple holistic system that I developed, I was able to conquer emotional eating and learn to love my body as it is. I wish the same for you.

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