You Are Beautiful

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You Are Beautiful

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 I’m Anna Hume, Holistic Wellness Coach. I strive to make the lives of women better by helping them to conquer emotional eating and work towards their life’s purpose.

For many years, I struggled with emotional eating and blamed myself for lack of willpower. Emotional eating is not a manner of willpower, it just takes some simple mindset shifts.


Don’t look to other women and wish you looked like them, you are perfect just like you already are.

Anna Hume

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You are beautiful. It it time to stop comparing yourself to other women.

Time to stop wishing you were thinner, taller, younger, or more “fit”.

It is time to stop denying yourself (and the world) of the beauty that you have inside of you.

If you want to unleash your inner Wonder Woman and feel confident, sexy, and beautiful in the body you have now……

I can help.

Because you ARE Wonder Woman, no matter what size dress you wear.


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