5 Day Sugar Free Challenge

I don’t sweeten my coffee or my tea. I don’t drink sodas (well, every once in a while, I do indulge but it never tastes as great as I imagine it will). My sugar addiction is sweets. Love me some brownies, donuts, cookies, Kit Kats, and anything else of that sort. I used to feel like I NEEDED all that junk. But I’ve come to realize that it was the sugars in the junk that was making me crave all of it.


I know for me, if I didn’t have my daily dose of goodies, I would go into major withdrawal. I would be very very cranky (my wife can attest to that), have a screaming headache, and absolutely no energy. So, I told myself that I couldn’t quit the junk.

I was wrong. I could quit it. All it takes is a simple plan to follow and healthy replacements. If you feel like I did, maybe a sugar free challenge is right up your alley too. Click on the link below to sign up for my free 5 Day Sugar Free Challenge.

5 Day Sugar Free Challenge

And, believe me, sugar is sneaky. It can sneak into your foods without you even realizing it is in there. Can you believe that there are high amounts of sugar in foods like:

Ø BBQ Sauce

Ø Ketchup

Ø Spaghetti Sauce

Ø Canned Soup

Ø Canned Baked Beans

Ø Cereal

Ø Granola

Ø Protein Bars?

Believe it or not, its in there.

Excessive sugar intake can lead to many health problems, like:

Ø Obesity

Ø Heart disease

Ø Type II diabetes

Ø High blood pressure

Ø And many others.

Reducing the amount of sugar, you eat (or drink) can help you to lose weight, have clearer skin, have more energy, and even save you money.

Don’t forget to sign up for the 5 Day Sugar Free Challenge!