The Many Benefits of Meditation

With the fast-paced lives that many people lead these days, the overall health of Americans has decreased dramatically. One thing that can help with all that life throws is to have a daily meditation practice. Meditation offers a wide variety of benefits from physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits. When a person meditates, their bodies relax. Their heart rate drops and their breathing deepens. With deep relaxation, many people have found great relief from stress, better concentration and focus, and feel more intune with their spiritual natures. The physical benefits of meditation are many. One of the physical benefits is that a daily meditation lowers blood pressure. Transcendental meditation has been shown to lower systolic 4.7 mm and diastolic 3.2 mm blood pressure in people who regularly practice it. Transcendental meditation is a meditation that is mostly used with a mantra. A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated while breathing deep, like ohm. Another physical benefit of meditation is that it decreases pain that is associated with tension. Many Americans suffer from tension headaches, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, as well as other pain throughout the body. Many of these tension pains become chronic. With a daily meditation practice, stress is reduced which reduces tension. Stress and tension are mental condition, but they both have many physical symptoms. A daily meditation practice can also help to increase serotonin production. An increase in serotonin production can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. It has also been known to improve brain function and help with sleep. A deficiency in serotonin can lead to overeating, and depression. With a daily meditation practice, serotonin levels increase and helps boost the mood and has also been shown to slow aging by reducing the number of free radicals in the body. Meditation is also a useful tool when it comes to losing weight. A daily meditation practice helps to boost the metabolism which helps to burn fat faster and lose more weight. And since meditation boosts the mood, it helps with emotional eating that has been associated with depression and blue moods. Through meditation, a person is able to focus on their ideal weight and relay that image to their body. Then the body and the mind work together to attain that desirable weight. The mental benefits of meditation are just as many as the physical benefits. A daily meditation practice helps to improve emotional stability and increases happiness. By focusing inward, people are able to experience a fuller sense of self and inner peace. When they experience inner peace, they exude the peace to the people surrounding them. Many people experience spiritual benefits of meditation. It has been reported that people feel closer to the Divine and feel that they are connected to nature through meditations. Many religions use meditation to form a connection. Meditation is also useful in increasing creativity. Many creative people have a daily meditation practice that they use to increase their creativity. Meditation helps the imagination to expand and new thoughts to occur. The way meditation expands imagination is that it relaxes the body and opens the mind to new possibilities that were not thought of before. Meditation is also used frequently by people who need focus. Athletes, business people, and parents can use meditation to get and keep focused on a task or a goal. By relaxing the body and opening the mind, meditation increases focus by helping with sleep and increasing serotonin production. Beginning a meditation practice is often not an easy task to complete. Many people find the act of sitting calmly and opening their mind to be a daunting task. People are used to going all the time find that their minds are very difficult to empty. The best way to begin a meditation practice is by first remembering that it will take time. That is why it is practice. A useful technique is to begin by meditating for five minutes a day and concentrate on each body part and relaxing it. After a month, lengthen the meditation time to ten minutes. And then after another month, lengthen the time to fifteen minutes. That is when meditation should come easier and emptying the mind is accomplished more often and with greater ease. By simply incorporating thirty minutes of meditation daily, all of the benefits from meditation start to show. People have reported to having more energy, more focus, and happier moods as well as feeling physically better. Beginning a daily meditation practice is very beneficial to everyone, from teenagers to mothers to elderly people. The benefits of meditation far outweigh the time that it takes a day.